Common Issues You May Face With Door Locks

Common Issues You May Face With Door Locks

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Despite their frequent use, door locks are often taken for granted as they are an everyday part of our lives. Locks are our primary security against threats from the world outside. Therefore, they need to be maintained from time to time. Inattention to the condition of these security features can impact their integrity and ability to protect your home or office over time.

To help you take sufficient care of your door locks, the experts at Maximum Lock & Safe have listed three common issues you may face with door locks and how to solve them. Remedying these issues as soon as possible is vital to preserve the strength and security of your doors against break-ins. Keep reading to see how you can ensure that your home or office space is well protected.

1. Lack of lubrication
Wd-40 is a miracle product that works wonders when it is hard to insert a key into the lock. A simple spay of the Wd-40 lubricant will loosen up the moving parts of the lock, making it easier to use. While you’re doing this, give the hinges and bolt latch on the door a spray as well to ensure that they are moving smoothly too.

2. Lock misalignment
Some of the new keypad locks automatically throw the deadbolt into place with the push of a button. But, the hole’s alignment where the deadbolt needs to extend into is critical with these locks. If moving into the hole is not a smooth transition, then it will not retract properly, or it will not work at all. Also, this improper binding that occurs may work in some cases, but it will definitely drain the batteries of your automated locks quicker than normal.

3. Poor key copies
If you constantly need to jiggle or adjust a key a certain way for it to turn in the door lock, then what we have here is a poor key copy. This can be remedied by re-keying the lock to a new set of keys completely. When you re-key the lock, you set it to the manufacturers’ specified depths, and the keys are set to factory specifications as well. When you have a poorly cut key, the lock pins don’t sit properly, and therefore you need to jiggle it to get the mechanics within the lock to work.

For more tips on how to overcome door lock issues, reach out to Maximum Lock & Safe. We are highly trained residential and commercial locksmiths in Southern Ontario. We’ve been in business for over twenty years and have never abandoned our ideals of quality service and excellent workmanship. We give each job our absolute best and make the time to educate our clients about proper security. We also only use products that will perform to our strict standards. We do this because we want to ensure your needs are looked after and no problems arise after the job is done.

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