Deposit safes

Uscan Total Security has a full line of depository safes designed to reduce the risks associated with cash handling. The entire Uscan Total Security depository range offers "B" rated burglary protection and when used correctly, the safes become an integral component of a solid loss prevention policy, ensuring limited cash is on hand. Models include both front loading and rotary styles, offering unparalleled pilfering protection, ensuring deposits remain in the safe.

Uscan Total Security depository safes are available in a variety of sizes to suit any retail application. The smallest safe, the UC8612 Under the Counter safe, works very well in retail applications where space is at a premium such as food courts or micro-boutiques.

The larger model FL3920 is a highly versatile double door safe that will accept most full size cash trays, allowing storage for cash register trays and coinage in the bottom compartment, while the top compartment accepts the deposits.

Uscan Total Security depository safes offer value, security and reliability!

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