Commercial Locksmith Services Whitby, ON

  • Door Hardware Repair and Replacement (Door slamming or jamming we canreplace or repair the problem, service trucks are fully stocked and cantypically fix it on the spot)
  • Door Hinge Repair and Replacement (Some doors are installed with thewrong hinging system, or sometimes they simply wear out. We are prepared tofix the problem)
  • Custom Steel Doors and Frames
  • Thresholds and Weather Stripping
  • Card Access Control Systems (Need to eliminate keys all together, wecan install access control system to give you control of all access points.)
  • Automatic Door Openers (Our service technicians are all AADDAMCertified and can get you the proper automatic door opening system youneed, We fix what you have already as well,)
  • Custom Push Plates and Pull Handles
  • Key-Pad Locks (We stock keypad locks in our trucks that are very user friendly and can give flexibility you need)

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