I need help changing locks on a house. Do you do that?

I need help changing locks on a house. Do you do that?

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We can assist you with changing all locks in your home with hardware installation services. We also offer home remodel packages for all hardware purchased on our website, our door hardware is priced competitively with the big box stores and we offer installation by a qualified locksmith. Take a look..


Prior to purchasing hardware simply email us with the scope of work and we can give you an estimate. info@lockservice.ca

A padlock is a u-shaped, portable lock with a body, a shackle, and a locking mechanism. The shackle passes through openings such as a hasp staple or a chain link to prevent harm, theft, or vandalism. When locked, the shackle fits securely into the locking mechanism, and when unlocked, the shackle ejects from the locking mechanism. Padlocks can use either a combination or a key.

Ownership. You need to identify the make, model, and year of your car and provide the vehicle identification number (VIN). Also, if you lost your original key, the locksmith can reprogram your car and make the old key unusable.

Also need personal identification documents to prove vehicle ownership and information on the type of key that your car uses.